On Mysparktech.com I’ll be reviewing the very best sewing machine for kids – the top 10 that is, but before I do, I believe you have to hear a little bit about my background J

Growing up as a kid, my mom taught me and 3 siblings many things like cleaning, putting things in order, even weaving! She taught us to do these and much more! She was the one who taught us to sing our first ABC song, and of course count from 1 to 20, but among all of the things she taught us, the one that has grown to become part of our lives eternally is sewing, and no, not the type you do with any of the children’s sewing machines, nope! I’m talking good ol’ thread and needle type!


At the beginning, it was fun, from the very first day that I was able to stitch up my very first bean bags to the time when I was able to make my first mini dress! But as time went on, as weeks or needle sticking went on, after logging countless hours making garments for mini dolls, sewing became tedious, boring, and a complete misery! We began to despise anything that to do with needles or threads, needlecrafts turned out being repulsive!

It took my mom to a while to figure why we didn’t want to sew anymore, and once she did, she took care of the problem. She bought us our first children sewing machine!

At first, we couldn’t believe it a sewing machine for kids, as the boxing looked pretty big. That machine rekindled our love for sewing, and after having used many, many of these cuties, I’ll be sharing my childhood experience, review, and recommendation as to the best kid sewing machine money can buy!


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